Saturday, July 10, 2010

Please help me fill in this space with idea sources!

I've been working on a long ignored "Honey Do" list for the interior of my little home...tape and bedding is on the top of that's going very well! I completed a texturize technique on the living room walls and I am LOVING it! Sort of a free form "rough" finish...and here comes the plea for help...

I am a very casual just fits my personality and our home environment. So I've been looking at online catalogs, magazines, home tours, tutorials, fabrics, paint colors and therein I started an IDEA catalog...for my visual preferences...I prefer warm colors; browns, umber, a touch of opulent Santa Fe red, turquoise greenish blues, natural woods and eclectic mix of my treasures in my quest for my "homey" western, with a touch of Tuscan warmth, casual but hopefully pretty home...

So why am I asking for your help? Do you know of any blogs that carry this theme? Are there more online magazines or catalogs that could assist in my quest? I would appreciate any and all assistance in this primary concern is $$$...I'd prefer to use those for purchasing supplies, paint and everything else I'll blogs and free idea sources are totally appreciated.

Oh and as you all know by now I AM A TOTALLY VISUAL person...give me a photo and off I go on my journey loving every footprint I leave along the way!

Thank y'all!

P.S. The baby replacement vines are doing great!

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  1. Hey "Miss Visual"....maybe you would like to send a pic of the vines to us to watch they we can "mother" them along with you.
    Also, I don't know where you can get anything regarding decorating for FREE but at the library. Or go into some beauty salons and ask for their old magazines...I have dont that from time to time.

    Love ya and miss you a LOT,


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