Thursday, August 26, 2010

Garden Flowers after a Summer of 100+ Temps!

How did the gardens hold up during our 100+ degree temperatures this Summer?

Well, I've been watering....watering...watering...everything is alive...but boy are my plants are just plain worn out!

Three types of plants have continued to produce small blooms...all the other flowering plants have given up that task a few weeks ago. So I baby them and hope for next year.

Pink Mexican Petunia!

Tried and true Lantana!

Purple Mexican Petunia!

As Fall approaches I'll prepare the gardens for Winter...I'll share my methods later!


  1. Your garden has done beautifully! We even got hit with over 100 degrees yesterday--back to 68 today--was so weird!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely garden!


  2. It had been a hot summer. I also have watered my plants and hope they make it through the rest of season.

  3. How nice to still enjoy some blooms. My butterfly bush continues to blossom and bloom. The butterflies love it's purple flowers. ~Mindy

  4. Yes, it has been a hot one! But your flowers are so pretty!


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