Saturday, August 28, 2010

Indian Summer!

This morning the temperatures were in the 70's! The grass was full of dew! Walking through the yard my feet were dripping wet and slippin' on my flip flops! Then as I stooped low to take a photo I saw sparkling dew drops on every blade of grass!

These dew drops have a short life...the sun will rise and through Mother Nature's natural process these glistening drops will evaporate quickly as the temperatures today will rise to the mid 90's.

We call this Indian mornings and warm afternoons! Oh so nice!


  1. Hello, friend!
    Oh, my we have hit another heat wave this week... my yard is not doing so well...My lantana looks awful!! I am pretty surprised. But I know this too, will change!

  2. Have been missing your computer was down for 3 fulls days...oh my...almost had an anxiety attack. But things are back to normal now...and of course, being a fellow Texan...our weather here has been about the same. However, it RAINED like crazy today... most of the day.
    How are you my sweet friend...?? Have missed you terribly.



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