Saturday, September 11, 2010

God Bless America!

Each of us has had experiences in our lives that either add to or detract from the whole entity of who we are. I call these events "Life Markers", some fill us with anxiety...some with challenges to be overcome...some are a prelude to prayer...others end with prayer...we choose to face these events full on or stand back awaiting the first opportunity for a "safe" entrance into the dark realm of the unknown. All the while, we garner energy, strength and bravery towards an undefined outcome but with the belief that we must participate...we open our eyes and find ourselves witness to events that define humanity...good or bad.

September 11, 2001 I was preparing to go to work when the first plane hit I stood in front of the television stunned...a million thoughts and emotions tumbling through my mind...all the while I was attempting to assimilate the surreal images into some sort of definition of an accident. When the second plant my gut I knew...America was being attacked...then the news about the Pentagon...and the unspeakable was taking place in my country to my fellow citizens...

While attempting to focus on driving to work and juggling my emotions I came to a red light. Okay...time to breathe...then something caught my eye...I saw a very special pickup truck coming off the freeway. The young man driving it had anchored a HUGE American Flag to a flag pole on the bed of his truck and my country's flag waved full, bright and strong as a symbol of everything I believe in! I was as proud of this young man as if he were my own child and his public declaration of patriotism defined honor! My countrymen...I am proud to be an American!

God bless America!

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  1. Sandy, you could not have said it any feelings exactly.
    That morning is burned in my mind SO VERY a few other events in my life that have changed my life forever.


    "Love and live like we have never been hurt....and always afford forgivness."



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