Sunday, September 12, 2010


While browsing through the Internet this afternoon I found out that my cute little caterpillars are NOT...I REPEAT...NOT...simple cute caterpillars that will turn into lovely butterflies! You can go here to see the news video!

They are "ARMY WORMS"! They are very destructive! They will eat an entire lawn...they start out small and cute...and as their voracious appetite takes over they grow accordingly and they can destroy an entire farmer's field in a matter of days! It seems that this year's weather was perfect for an farmer commented that he had not seen this many army worms in 20 years!

The advise is to exterminate immediately! So tomorrow I'll be out in my overalls and sorry to say...on a mission...not so pleasant for these army worms but for the salvation of my gardens and my 1/2 acre of St. Augustine!

Wish me luck!

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