Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Christmas Box Surprise!

I've had this tiny Christmas Box for many years. It has held prominent position in my china cabinet just as long. Mr. B was looking for a place to put his "Santa's helper" I picked up this special box, opened it and...

SURPRISE! These are seed pods given to me many years ago from a dear gardener friend, her name is Diane and unfortunately she passed shortly after I was presented with these beauties. I must have placed them in this special box upon being gifted with them...

They look like little Oriental lanterns!

Each pod holds an great number of seeds!

These are the seeds...tiny...hopefully safe and sound!

I promptly found a pretty glass jar for Diane's gift from long ago.

Now the Christmas box has a new holds Mr. B's "Santa's helper" receipts...cause we all know the best toys come from Santa's workshop! So when Mr. B does his part to help out Santa...well we just have to be prepared for returns...funny it never happens with Santa's workshop toys!

Diane's memory is safe in a pretty glass jar and every time I look at it...I sweet friend...a prolific animal lover...a very interesting and funny woman...oh how I remember!

Diane's gift of the seeds are stored safely wrapped in a paper towel and then in a plastic baggie while we await that these seeds will be planted, nurtured and then the cycle of life begins again!

P.S. The moral to this story...if you ask Sandy to put something in a safe better witness the event...cause Sandy will never find it again...unless by accident...and what a lovely accident this was!


  1. A lovely accident, indeed! I was just remembering that I have Morning Glory seeds/flowers from my grandmother's home in my childhood. Nothing like generations and friends sharing life. Happy find! ~Mindy

  2. Don't we LOVE, just LOVE surprises like that...?
    What a joy that must have been for you...not only to find them...but to have a "visit" from your friend Diane... after all this time.
    MARK the jar you just put them in...and leave yourself a note in your next year's to WHERE to find them in the Spring...(snicker)
    Send me some of those will you?

    Love, Rose

  3. Oh Sandy...what a wonderful, precious discovery!!! I love that you have these sweet seeds from your dear friend Diane ~ and when you plant them you will always be reminded of your friendship!! Beautiful post sweet Sandy, hugs and love, Dawn

  4. Awe Sandy I have been known to do that from time to time - tuck away something special only to put it out of sight, out of mind. But isn't like winning something special when you find them again?

  5. I do things like this too. Those seeds sure look familiar to me. I had a plant that made little paper lanterns but I don't recall the name, my friend would she gave it to me. thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment today Sandy.

  6. what a fun story! i love surprises like these . . . reaching
    into a pocket to find a favorite lipstick, $5, or my car

    merry Christmas!


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