Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Favorite Fall Flower from Mother Nature!

Now this little jewel first appeared in my gardens about 3 or 4 years ago. The plant first appears out of the soil in early June, grows all Summer to a height of 3 or 4 feet and I cut it back to a height of 3 or 4 inches every chance I get. WHY? Well, the plant becomes fuller and besides the blooms don't appear until mid Fall. After the first freeze the blooms start to turn into a milky white puff ball of seeds. That's when I swoop down upon the seed heads, pinch them off and scatter them throughout the gardens...ahhhh just helping Mother Nature along!

They are probably some sort of weed but I love 'em! They require absolutely no special treatment, they survive throughout our HOT Summers with little to no water, every Fall without fail they provide the prettiest blooms and they self seed! What more could I ask for?

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  1. What a lovely flower... I think some of the most beautiful flowers are from weeds that grow along the roadside.. I have been known to pull them on walks and bring them home to plant in my garden.
    Have a blessed weekend~


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