Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas in Our Little Home!

Our little home provides me with the opportunity to decorate in creative ways...A Christmas Tree just won't fit so instead I choose several (well okay quite a few) small "TREES" based on sparkle, color, shape, whimsy and architectural pieces that touch my fancy. I group them all together and then I sit back and enjoy our Christmas Tree Forest!

This is my favorite Santa figurine! I love the textures and the details!

Then there is Santa's full of busy elves, Mrs. Claus and of course Santa!

Cardinals are a treasured gift any time of year but at Christmas their "red" color is even more special!

There's always room for a cherished photo of 3 year old Miss M with Santa Claus!

This little snowman has been with us for as long as I can remember...even though his nose is a little scuffed up...he is still an important part of our Christmas decorating theme!

Imagine Christmas music ...cookies baking in the spiced cider brewing...sparkling ornaments, soft scented candles and colorful Christmas lights...Ahhhh! So come on over, hang your hat wherever you want and join our family as we celebrate Christmas in our little home!


  1. Oh my are SO READY for Christmas...!!! The hat is just wonderful too.
    Very clever to hang the red scarf around it.

    We too have to keep our tree small anymore. Sure like you idea of having many little ones..and lit up too..what a nice glow that must give you in your little home at night.

    I want to kiss those sweet little cheeks of Miss M.

    Love you,


  2. Hello Sandy,
    Your home is lovely and full of Christmas cheer. I love your tree collection. I love birds and the cardinals are very sweet.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Your friend,


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