Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Flowers/Chrysanthemums and Asters!

Recently I splurged and bought some more Yellow Chrysanthemums and Purple Asters! Love 'em!

These little beauties will bloom through the Fall, they go dormant through Winter and come Spring if I'm VERY lucky they will provide more blooms. With the onset of Summer I pinch them back every few weeks, first to about 3 inches in height and with each successive pinching I'll increase the height by one inch. By July 1st I'll quit pinching them back and by Fall they will have grown to their full height, their mass is ten fold with countless blooms! These plants last for years and send out roots under the protective soil so when necessary they can be thinned out and the new baby plants will be placed throughout the gardens! Ahhhhh...more color to look forward to!


  1. Sandy, the last time I tried to post a few minutes ago... it would not let me...but am glad I "got thru" this time.
    Your purple Asters are MAGNIFIQUE...I need some of those.
    We have the yellow mums...but they don't look as healthy as yours....
    I have sent your very helpful suggestion on to my hubby (gardner)...I hope he remembers this... this next Spring.

    YOUR FLOWERS ARE SO LOVELY !!! The colors are supurb.


  2. Those were definitely worth the splurge, Sandy! They're just beautiful!

    Hope your weekend has been wonderful...



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