Sunday, October 24, 2010

May I Introduce....

This is the newest addition to our little home...She sits near our Welcome sign on the front porch.

I have always loved lizards and we have a variety of these special little creatures who live in the Wood Ferns surrounding our front porch. On hot sultry Summer nights they come out to feast on all the little critters that are drawn to our porch light. This time of year they don't appear as often, perhaps they're preparing for Winter,

Upon researching the symbolism of the Lizard in Native American cultures I came upon this site.

This special creature's symbolism is ...•Lizard: Promotes dreaming, agility, and conservation.

I love these words as they are presented and now I better understand my affinity for Lizards!


  1. Sandy...ever so love your "wiggley" looking critter....I know you love it too.

    I think of you often friend....and wonder how things are going in your life.
    And when I do, I come here and try to find a piece of your life to enjoy with you.

    What a perfect defination of a friend you have written here. NEVER enough time for everyone.

    You are such a dear soul.



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