Friday, October 8, 2010

More Fall Colors!

These little beauties have graced my gardens for several years. Actually they made an early entrance this year and of course I posted photos of them...but Fall is their season!

I pinch them back all Summer until late July...then I watch as they grow with wild abandon. They bloom as soon as the Fall temps start their downward spiral and will flourish until the first freeze.

After the first freeze the blooms take on a tan color...I wait for that cue and then I harvest the spent blooms to scatter them everywhere throughout the gardens. They lay dormant till late Spring and the cycle begins anew...their color is actually a periwinkle blue and the blooms measure 1/4 inch across but their impact is HUGE!

Hope you enjoy the photos!

1 comment:

  1. Were you BORN a gardner?
    I am thinking God put you here on this earth to be that very thing...along with a wife, mother and grandmother. You seem to be VERY good at all of them.
    You are the "floral whisperer" for sure.

    Love you gal,


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