Sunday, June 20, 2010


I've written about my Mr. B you know he is my dream come true. Now as a Father he is without fault and tops my list of Fantastic Fathers! So how did he come to earn these accolades from me...his adoring wife?

Twenty years ago, he fell in love with me and my two Profoundly Deaf children. He taught himself Sign Language...a priceless gift to all three of us. He always took the time no matter what else was happening to sit and discuss whatever was important to them. He helped them accomplish their dreams and he loved them enough to punish them when necessary without hitting or name calling. He would explain his displeasure, define their punishment, sit with me as they endured their "grounding" and after their time was up...he would take the time to discuss their infraction and their feelings about their punishment. Then he would tell them he loved them and the infraction was never brought up again. No embarrassing trips down "Memory Lane". The kids always knew he meant business...and they never repeated a that's love.

Fifteen years ago, our baby girl Miss M was born...while coming out of the anesthetic he whispered in my ear..."Thank you for the greatest present of my life." Mr. B had never held a baby before...and we both worked so I had no idea about what to expect. I should have known...we shared all of the childcare for our three kids...I had nights and he had days. He took Miss M everywhere with him from the tender age of 4 weeks and still today they are best buds!

To have a Father who loves unconditionally, respects them as the individuals they are and holds each child accountable for their actions is a rare gift that truly defines "Fatherhood"!

We now have three grand babies and I watch him hold them tenderly in his arms, talk (in Sign and speech) with them and yes hold them accountable for their actions. So the gift is will be passed on...he will always be remembered for his strength, his kindness, his patience, his humor, his devotion, his love and for this I am grateful, I am blessed and I love this man of mine...the Father of my children!


  1. Beautiful, so sweet.Thanks so much for sharing he is truly a wonderful father.

  2. AMAZING LOVE...and well deserved accolades.
    You and your children are BLESSED beyond measure.

    Sandy, glad too that he came into YOUR life when he did. I am sure he feels the same way.

    Give him a hug from all of us for setting such a good example for other Fathers and husbands.



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