Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Simply Must Apologize!

I've been remiss in my dedication to blogging and for that I must apologize. It's not that I care any less. It's not that my life has suddenly become an ongoing adventure. I've not dedicated myself to anything other than...the pure enjoyment of my favorite time of year. SUMMER!

I awaken early, to hear roosters crowing (not mine...but a neighbor's), I listen to the birds singing their morning songs, watch as the bees begin their busy day and all the different butterflies start flitting from flower to flower. I watch the sun come up everyday...I want to feel the warmth it sheds upon my gardens. I water my potted plants and yes sneak in a sprinkle of water to the flower gardens and trees. I walk around to check the bird baths...then I sit...I drink it all in like it is a fine wine and I savor each and every moment. ...all gifts from Mother Nature and I am grateful.

I do work in the yards and gardens but only until 11 a.m. I don't enjoy the super hot days but I end my morning gardening tasks with dirty feet and hands to match. I wash off with the garden hose...and I walk through the grass to dry off my toes! I take one last look around knowing that I'll return in the evening.

When evening approaches I once again listen to the birds singing a different selection of songs. The bees are no where to be seen. The bird baths are filled again, feeding stations checked, spent blooms are removed, flowers that have gone to seed are sown throughout the flower beds. I love to turn on a sprinkler and watch the sprays of water tumble about the grass and then I sit and listen. The cicadas begin their beautiful haunting melody. The crickets join in. The trees rustle in the wind and I am at peace as darkness descends upon my world.

So, I beg your forgiveness, I honor those of you who find the time to blog everyday and are dedicated to this beautiful venture into a world as it should be...and I'll post periodically...but for now I am emotionally, physically and intellectually pulled to my gardens.

Bear with me and know that sometimes in the wee hours of the night I do open the gates to your blogs...I visit...your posts make me laugh, cry and think...but most of all I enjoy each of every one of you and your multi faceted talents!

Till I post again...


  1. Wish I enjoyed summer like you do! Thanks for your poetic tribute to the season!

  2. I do enjoy the way you write-you've got a gift. Thanks for visiting a while back and for following. Loving your jewelry designs. I will have to enjoy summer through your eyes as it is deathly hot here in Arizona!

  3. You are a lady of my own soul..I love to walk through my little flower garden and watch it grow and delight in all that comes up and blooms..I too like to see a butterfly or bee go from flower to flower .It relaxes me.
    Your words touched me..what a gift you have with words

  4. Ha! Time to blog? What? Sandy... do I have to confess to how many times my post is getting prepared at 3:00am? LOL

    I ADORE you and your blog - and I have to tell you - many many many times when I'm cruising between the single-wide and the sewing lab early in the morning I think of you doing the same! Well, sort of.... well, you know what I mean. LOL

    I love the way your write - your photos - all of it!

    Have a wonderful Day!
    ;-) robelyn

  5. Sandy I love you...and miss you, but I understand...
    You are SO "at peace" with your surroundings..and that is a VERY GOOD thing.
    I am the same way about our home...just love it. It makes me smile.
    APPRECIATE the way you express must have had wonderful English teachers in school. You have such a creative mind and gentle spirit.
    I am happy you are my friend.

    With Love,



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