Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today's Surprise from the Gardens!

Hello! I hope everyone is well! We're doing great! Busy with the gardens, opening the pool (we won't go there...$$$...our harsh Winter was not good to our pool or our wallets) but we persevere and just plain ole enjoy Summer.

Today I spied a new flower to the gardens! Now this plant was originally gifted to me from another Interpreter for the Deaf...a lovely woman who is a gardener extraordinaire! By that I mean she knows the common names of every plant as well as the botanical names! I was so impressed! We've lost touch over the years but when I see the babies of the Momma plants she gave to memories of her are oh so sweet!

So back to the nature of this post...this plant is a normally blooms in the is easily transplanted...I pinch it back all Summer so it is THICK and filled with blooms in the Fall. When the blooms dry on the stem usually after the first Winter freeze, I pick them and scatter them everywhere! There are probably hundreds of seeds per bloom. These plants aren't picky...full sun, shade, water or not...and my oh my are they pretty!

Well...this plant presented it's first bloom EARLY! Very early indeed! So my question...Does anyone know it's name? I've searched the Internet to no avail. It's not a life or death situation...I can survive not knowing it's name...but I did so want to pass it on to y'all because in the Fall it fills your gardens with tons of periwinkle blue flowers on top of thickly leaved plants! If you know it's name feel free to educate me and hopefully anyone else who is interested in acquiring one!

See y'all soon! Be safe, have fun and may God bless you all!


  1. Sandy, you know I love a challenge. Let me see what I can do. Hmmmm It looks tall. It's not ground cover, right? Let me think. ~Mindy

  2. Hi friend,
    I do not know the name of the plant, but I must tell you I caught up with your blog...I am grateful your sweet family is safe after storms and snakes (yikes!!) and I am positively green with envy at your garden time in the morning and evening. Right now, when I hear the birds begin, I grimace and close the window for quiet and get a few more moments of sleep before life throws me out the door


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