Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a Week This has Been!

This week has been put it mildly it's been harrowing at times!

First part of the oldest daughter called on Video Phone to tell us the police were in her backyard hunting for a rattlesnake! WHAT? She lives in a beautiful new house in Kyle, Texas. Wonderful neighbors! So earlier she had my 3 grand kids in their backyard playing while she watered her gardens. Yes, she is a gardener now also! Well, while watering one of her rose bushes she thought she saw a snake intertwined amongst it's thorny branches. She peered closer...she saw the head...then the rattle! She dropped the hose, rounded up the kids and headed inside the house to tell my son-in-law! They went next door to warn their neighbor...he called the police. The police showed up within minutes and shot the snake. It was about 18 inches long...a baby rattler? How do I daughter called on the video phone and showed me the DEAD snake!

Now here is the clincher! My daughter, son-in-law and oldest granddaughter are Deaf! They are extremely intelligent and very visual...meaning their peripheral vision is acute! If my daughter had not seen the rattler...well let's not go there. Now the grand kids have all been taught since they were babies, "Do not touch snakes...get Daddy or Mommy!" They are very quick to obey this rule and now they are aware of exactly what a "Rattler" looks like and there was a discussion about not touching it even though it was DEAD! Sorry rattler enthusiasts but my babies are ever so much more important to me!

Then tonight we were seeing the beginnings of a thunderstorm approaching our area, DFW...I got a text from my daughter asking for assistance with remember they live in Kyle, Texas...between Austin and San Marcos! Okay, we pull up on the laptop. We are chatting (American Sign Language) in real time on the video daughter signs that the winds there got really bad, trees bending, light poles swaying, lightning, power outages, cable off...OK Mr. B pulls up the radar for her area on our laptop. We are able to hold the laptop in front of the video phone and she can see the severe storms approaching them. We chat on the video phone for about 15 minutes till the worst is past...talking to the grand kids explaining the safety issues of being in the central bathroom...OK they accept this information...then the worst is daughter checks out the front was raining some lightning...but her cable is back on and her babies are safe!

The video phone is a powerful tool for the Deaf! It allows us to communicate with everyone in the world at real time...there is an interpreter service available for all if they are calling someone who does not have a video phone and as proven with these two events...our FAMILY stays in touch with a phone call!

Thank God for his blessings and all my babies are safe! Now I'm off to REST! If you want more information about video phones you can go here!


  1. Great post, Sandy! Thank you for sharing this information. I'm so glad to hear that everyone is ok. Technology is such a blessing now days. Hugs! ~Mindy

  2. Great post, Sandy! Those rattlers are scary! Glad everyone's okay...those video phones sound wonderful! What a fabulous tool to have for your family! Thanks for sharing all of this tonight...


  3. Only ONE of a mother's worst nighmares is having a rattlesnake near our children....or grandchildren..
    I am SOOOOOO happy they are safe...and that the storm did no major damage nearest them either.
    Yes, we mom's get worn out just thinking what could have happened.
    Glad the SNAKE is DEAD...I detest snakes of all kinds. Have no idea what they are here on earth for exceopt to terrorize us.

    THANK GOD...not only that they are safe ..but also for visual communication like you and she have.

    Love you girl,

    And you have mail.



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