Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Here are the soft yellow Daylilies! They grow beautifully in morning sun with some afternoon shade after 4 p.m.!

One of my earliest forays into gardening was definitely trail by fire! I had a lovely huge bed of yellow/orange Daylilies...I decided that I would thin them out. So I brought my shovels, Miss M's trusty red wagon and a brave spirit to tackle this job. I dug and dug...hmmmm now where are the bulbs? I dug some more...nope not here...okay they must be tiny bulbs in the swath of brown roots I dug up....so I filled the red wagon full of water...I sifted through the brown roots...dumping them into the trash as I went...hmmmm I literally scratched my head and wondered where they could be...totally frustrated with my adventure...I threw away all the brown roots, the then damaged flower plants and sat down to muddle my way through this early episode in gardening. As I pondered I decided I would just go to the store the next day and buy some more...

Early the next day, off I went to the store, purchased my replacement Daylilies and came home to plant. As I opened the packages I saw "BROWN ROOTS"! Oh no! I then realized they did not have a bulb but rather a brown root system....I ran for the trash! I would save my Daylily mistake...WHAT THE TRASH TRUCK HAD ALREADY MADE IT'S PICK UP!

My lesson...investigate the plant completely prior to moving...so now my laptop is my gardening buddy...I search for all kinds of information; growing tips, zones, propagation, fertilizing and pest control.

So somewhere in a garbage dump...under who knows what...are my Daylilies!

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