Friday, May 21, 2010

Mexican Petunia

This morning I wandered through the gardens and found the first Purple Mexican Petunia! Now my photos don't do the color justice because this flower is a deep purple color.

They are true perennials, lovin' the full sun but will do equally as well in part shade. They can grow to be 24 inches tall if not pruned. If you prune them back periodically they will thicken up and provide you with beautiful blooms until the first frost! Here is a website with more information that may help you.

I've also made cuttings, with my tried and true rooting hormone and placed the cuttings in pots to grow. They've done beautifully and I can move the pots through out the gardens or gift them to family or friends.

These plants can overtake a garden quickly but I have found them easily controlled by careful garden management. I just dig them up, divide the root system, put half of the original plants in the same spot and plant the other half where I want them.

Now here's a funny aspect of this plant...the spent flowers develop seed pods...when you water the plants... they spit the you may find these little jewels popping up in the strangest places but they are easily dug up and transplant beautifully!

I also have pink Mexican Petunias growing in various parts of the gardens...we'll see them later this Spring or early Summer!

Hope you like them!


  1. These are beautiful, Sandy! I didn't know about Mexican happy to learn about them!

    Hope you have a wonderful day today!


  2. Oh, it's BEAUTIFUL!!! I love petunia's! My Mom grows them, but I think I might have a silk one somewhere. LOL

    SO beautiful!!!


  3. They spit the seeds? Well, I just learned something new today. Thank you! And I love that deep purple. Last picture is wonderful. ~Mindy

  4. Beautiful..thank you for sharing!

  5. Sandy,
    OOOOOHHHH!! I have never seen these before! I am loving the color. Do you think they would do well in our desert heat during the summer?


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