Saturday, May 15, 2010

Music for my Soul!

Ahhhh, I am an early morning person, always have been and always will be. My first memories from my childhood are waking early, before daylight, trying with all my might to stay in bed as I listened to the total stillness of our family home. Then I would climb out of my bed, ever so quietly and play with my dolls on the floor of my room. When what I was sure was several hours had passed, I would tip-toe down the hall to my parents room, peek in through the small opening of their door...hmmm still sleeping. Then to my brother's room...hmmm they're still asleep also. Okay, perhaps it's earlier than I thought. Back to play. As with most children, sound was relevant to "my" world...I had no concept that my parents could hear me because I just knew I was being very quiet. Actually, they naturally were aware of everything I was doing and everyday I was asked if I could try to sleep a little longer. "Sure." But we all knew that was not to be.

Today, I still rise "EARLY" but now I go to my back porch to experience my portion of the world as it awakens.

The sun's first rays send a glow of light over the eastern horizon to be followed by beams of light reaching out through the tree tops and then bouncing off the morning clouds.

As the light increases, all the colors begin their transition from shades of grey to soft pastels and then intensify to their full spectrum of color.

I hear roosters crowing, the awakening songs of the many birds in our backyard. Then the squirrels scampering up and down the tree limbs as Mother Natures' orchestral crescendo begins. The birds swoop from tree to tree then ever so tentatively they light on the grass to pluck what they need to sustain themselves that day. Soon the bees begin to buzz, going from flower to flower on their daily quest for the oh so necessary nectar to sustain the full colony. The butterflies begin their graceful flight to every item of color in their search for sustenance.

Everyday Mother Nature opens her door for me to experience this early morning repertoire and I am grateful!


  1. Bless you for playing quietly as a child. My sweet girl comes in with a big, "Hey, Mom!!!"
    I used to be a morning person. I am still not a night owl, but neither am I much of a morning person. Hmmm. What does that make me????

  2. I'm with Lynn... even at 15 mine comes in, throws open my door and says, "you awake mom?". Never fails. LOLOL

    Fortunately for me, I'm with you... I love to watch the day wake-up!!! The birds, the buttercups opening, my coffee maker dripping... ah - yeah!!!

    Love your photos!!!
    :-D xoxo


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