Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mushrooms, Toadstools or Fungi?

Well...this morning when I walked into the backyard I gazed upon the lawn and there they were...Mushrooms, Toadstools or botanically known as Fungi! Hmmm...what to do?

Well I grabbed my camera, attempted to get the perfect photo...a never ending quest on my part...and then I decided to research these little beauties!

I usually have these gems pop up during the transition from warm Spring days to Hot Summer days. Not too many...perhaps 6-8 in one spot. Do I worry, grab a fungicide, apply fertilizer? Nope, I pick them up and throw them away...sometimes I just give 'em a swift kick.

I really am not that concerned about their presence as I figure everything has a purpose as far a Mother Nature is concerned. The general purpose of a Toadstool? Well, for me their simple existence is enough.


  1. Sandy, you must have been laying on your tummy getting some of those are very dedicated to getting the "best" shot possible.

    You are right, they have a place in nature somewhere along the way. I have YET to figure out what purpose SNAKES have however. ~~
    EXCEPT.. maybe they are to remind us that SATAN is always "slithering" around and to "beware".



  2. I like to think of them as fairy pedestals. Love your photos.

  3. LOL I love your photos!!! The other day I got a t-shirt for the resident teen (who's level of sarcasm is shameful to say the least (but completely cracks me up)) that has a print of a smilin' mushroom and says, "i'm a fungi".


    Again, gorgeous photos!!!


  4. Beautiful! They look like Conocybes to me.


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