Friday, May 14, 2010

My Thumbprint

My dear friend Rose at Delightful Clutter recently asked the meaning behind my blog name of Peridots are you ready? Here goes...

I love nature, my favorite color is green, my birthstone is peridot, I am a former "Flower Child", I have an affinity for Native American cultures and therein the primary reason for the name and the punctuation...or lack of...

You'll notice that there is no apostrophe in "Peridots Garden". As in Native American culture the "People" believed that they did not "own" the land or any part of it's gifts...they used what they needed to sustain their lives, cared for the land for future generations and knew the fragility of Mother Earth.

I am but a grateful custodian of Mother Earth's gifts, be it the stones I use in jewelry, the metal I carefully wrap into protective coils of support for said stones, the leather her animals provide for me, the colors I select from the Nature's palette or the plants that I care for...which are my inspiration.

I am drawn to discarded or forgotten relics with an unknown's my harvest, to use what I need, to waste nothing, to cherish everyday things and covet my thumbprint will be a positive impression upon Mother Earth's horizon.

I am the transient entity...Mother Nature's gifts are forever...IF...we respect and take care of these precious gifts... Therefore my name selection and my belief.


  1. Sandy...thanks for the are one wonderful lady.. do you know that ?
    SO much thought went into that name..and you have chosen well.
    You use your resources wisely. And you are 100% right.." ONLY ONE LIFE WILL SOON BE PASSED"...we all need to make good choices for the use of the resources we are blessed with.

    I love you too my friend,


  2. Beautiful post and a beautiful explanation for such a beautiful name choice.

  3. Beautiful reasons for a beautiful name, Sandy...thanks so much for sharing this! Hope your day is just lovely!

  4. Spent 2 hours visiting with Sandy yesterday in her beautiful flower filled backyard. For those who do not know Sandy in person, she is as beautiful and wise in person as she is in her writings. I am blessed to call her "friend". Nancy

  5. LOOOOVE it!!! We gonna celebrate our Birthdays together? I've got a a peridot ring that you will want to slide off my finger and on to yours!!! I would probably let you - but only if I can steal a flower out of your garden!!!

    I LOVE the way you got your name!!! Gorgeous post for a gorgeous woman!!!

    :-D Have a great week-end!!!


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