Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother Nature has been Busy!

The Butterfly Plant is blooming!
The Honey Bees are lovin' the Gaura!
The Esperanza's flowers are opening!
The Strawberries are ripening!
The Hydrangeas are starting to make their gorgeous pink flowers!
The Honeysuckle is vibrant in it's color and the fragrance is carried by the breeze throughout the gardens!

Each morning I awaken to more gifts from Mother Nature and knowing that the life cycle abounds in my gardens...May God share His many blessings with each of you!

Now I'm off to get really dirty...perhaps one day I'll share my Gardener's Manicure with you...well maybe...but I promise it'll never be an early morning's not that pleasant...but it's oh so real!


  1. Your flowers are beautiful.
    Down in South Texas, with temperatures already reaching the 90s ,I am so worried about my yard.

    I'm just going to keep watering.

    I loved visiting,

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  2. Hey Friend, you HAVE been busy in the say nothing of how busy GOD has been there... for you.

    Do you dry your Hydrangeas ?

    "Gardener's Manicure" ??? Now you have me curious.



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