Monday, February 22, 2010

Damaged Components, What To Do?

I was gifted with a large turquoise focal bead, unfortunately there was a visible crack on one side. However, I loved it even more because I thought no one else would. So, I embellished it by wrapping a copper stamping from top to bottom and I wanted the "crack" to show. Then I added two strands of turquoise nuggets and two strands of turquoise rondelles.

I liked it but it just needed something...then I remembered another necklace in my jewelry chest! The second necklace is made with bright orange seed beads, glass stones in different colors and a rescued focal bead. I layered them together and then it was perfect! I love this necklace and I wear it often.

What do you do with "damaged" art components?

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  1. Hi Sandy,
    Your picture is so beautiful, I think I might look for you when I am visiting my fav thrifting haunts. We probably go to the same places. I love your jewelery & your daughter is as lovely as you. Wish I'd had her insight when I was her age. As for the amazing celluloid album in your treasure box, I would put that to good use in some collages. Lisa

  2. First off, I adore that necklace! The colors, the texture - just gorgeous!

    Second, I love that you went out of your way to design around a "damaged" stone - "However, I loved it even more because I thought no one else would" - what an awesome statement!

    I actually love irregular or not-perfect stones, so I try to use them as often as I can. They've got such character and life to them and I can't resist them.

  3. You did an amazing job with the stone!
    And YES, I saw my first daffodil bud yesterday!!! I'm beside myself!
    It really, really is going to be spring soon. Yipee!

  4. Dear Lisa, Brandi and Lynea,

    Thank you so much for stopping by to visit and most especially for taking the time to write such lovely comments.

    To be recognized by artists whom I respect is more than I could ever have dreamed possible so I thank you from the bottom of my humble heart.


  5. Okay - since I saw this the other day I've thought of it several times!!! I ADORE that you designed around a "damaged" part. LOVE IT!!! And - now I think of you in the mornings when I layer my necklaces on! LOLOL Today I have on 3 different ones - 3 different lengths and when I slid 'em all on and looked in the mirror and thought, "Sandy would like this."

    Thank You for inspiring my jewelry box!!!
    ;-) robelyn

    now i just need one of yours to layer on...hmmmm....
    I like this one!!!


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