Thursday, February 25, 2010

We have Sunshine!

Today we were blessed with Sunshine! I went wandering about the flower gardens...checking on several plants. Some of my plants were not so healthy looking and may not survive this Winter but being the eternal optimist...I always give them until early June to recover.

During my wanderings, I noticed my "Double Knock Out" rose bushes and their new growth. Now mind you, these are babies and this is their first Winter under my care. They are hardy enough for our blazing hot summers. They are prolific bloomers from late Spring until the first freeze. I've seen this same rose growing around the DFW area and some reach a height of over 4 feet tall with the same diameter! These are the first roses that have survived my hyper TLC. They appear to be thriving even with all the snowy, freezing cold weather we've had.

I include them today for your enjoyment and we'll keep an eye on their development this year.

Well, since it's such a beautiful day, I'm off to play in the sunshine!


  1. You roses look really healthy, especially considering the harsh winter you've had. Hopefully you'll get lots of flowers come spring! Leigh

  2. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I wish it was spring here, your flowers are beautiful. Blessings, Carol Mae

  3. The sun was glorious after a day of beautiful snowflakes...rare here in the hill country south of Austin. Most of my plants look pretty sad, but with all the rain I look forward to a blooming Spring. The wildflowers should be awesome.
    Thanks for stopping by my REDnesday post.
    Blessings ;-)

  4. Okay - for you I HAVE to take a picture of my crazy rose bush/tree/maniac. LOL It's like... 15' in diameter and about 9' tall. Fluke I tell ya because I do NOT have a green all. LOL

    Gorgeous sunshine!!! Today it has already started out super fantastic!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  5. Isn't it wonderful! Just when I can't stand another winter day!
    Lots of seeding going on this weekend and rose pruning.Yay!

    Have a wonderful day,


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