Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wood Violets

May I introduce to you my Wood Violets? They appear to be shrinking violets but however they make their entrance into the gardens, they are another welcome sign of Spring.

These violets are one of 100's of off-spring from the first gifted plant almost 18 years ago.

They are perennials, grow from small bulblets that will form cluster bulblets over time. Their heart shaped leaves measure 2" to 3" across. They show their lovely purple blooms from early Spring until late Spring.

Mine prefer shady areas of the garden with limited early morning sun. They naturally grow into a cluster of plants that resemble a mound of leaves and in reality there are sometimes more than 20 plants within each mound.

Mine are used as natural borders in and around all the flower beds. The plants may be thinned anytime after the blooms have faded. Use a strong shovel to dig them up as their bulblet cluster can measure over 12 inches across however they are shallow growers. Shake off the dirt from the roots and separate at least half of the bulblets off the cluster. Not to worry, just break the bulblets off or cut them off with sharp knife. I return the Mama plant to her original place in the garden. Often I just toss the removed bulblets with wild abandon into shady areas of the gardens that need a little something to fill in voids. They also can be carefully planted in the soil. Use your discretion in replanting...but I love "WILD ABANDON" in my garden!

During the Summer, Fall and early Winter months they provide a beautiful garden plant with bright green, dense foliage measuring up to 6 inches in height however if not managed properly they will multiply to take over a garden.

About mid-Winter I cut the foliage back to the ground and patiently wait until the first few violet flowers appear...knowing Spring is upon us.

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  1. I love them, and Im like you I like a bit of a wild flower here and there as well.I dont like a perfect garden.I like things a bit over grown too.


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