Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Place of Dreams

Do you have a place deep within the recesses of your mind, somewhere between reality and your dreams? This place for me is a place of serenity, simplicity, based in religion, made by man, adorned by Nature, with a rich history and a future full of promise.

While treasure hunting one day, Miss M was looking through a large bin of framed pictures when she asked me to come see what she had found. We lifted the framed picture from the bin. Not a word was spoken by either of us and yet between us...we shared that look. You know that look don't you? It's the look of a treasure hunter finding that one perfect piece whose sole purpose is to fill the void in your mind's eye left by your dreams.

Unsure of where to hang what was now "our picture" I placed it ever so carefully on my antique dresser. As I walked out of my bedroom, I turned for one more glance and realized it belonged right there...leaning against the round beveled mirror surrounded by more of my treasures


  1. Sounds lovely, I know exactly what you mean.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love this photo. I can almost imagine walking through the gates into another place and time. Thank you for the email, I love learning something new everyday and I'm so glad to have you as a friend.

  3. Sandy,
    What a beautiful picture. And an even better story to go with it. You certainly have a way with words!! I was right there with you!

  4. Oh - that is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful dream to look at each and every day!!! Just wait 'til you fill the gardens up inside gates!!! It'll be magnificent!

    ;-) robelyn


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