Friday, February 19, 2010

Destination - Decatur, Texas!

I love no destination drives! Today, Mr. B and I went on just such a drive. However, to be totally honest...I had a definite destination in mind for this drive...


This is a photo of the courthouse...I love Texas Courthouses...the character, the masonry work, the color of the stone...the majesty of it all!

We were walking around the town square, I was in sensory overload because I love town squares! I was busy taking photo after photo when I turned around to cross the street, I looked up and stopped dead in my tracks! I love everything about this exterior wall...the flow of the stone, the blue of the oblong window and the dome glass with the rusty stain on the stone work below. So I snapped away!

This is a collage of more sights from in and around the town square. The photo with the "Simple Pleasures" arrow is from a very special shop "Fleur de Lis"!

The top photo in this collage is a metal finial on a gate post at the Waggoner Mansion aka El Castile. The bottom photo is a carved wood headboard from "Fleur de Lis".

We had a limited amount of time to spend in Decatur and I just had to browse through every shop! So much fun and the people of Decatur are so kind. We plan to go back again soon! Real soon because I found lots of "treasures" just callin' my name!


  1. I love finials and that is a gorgeous one! Leigh

  2. Looks like you had a good and interesting trip. I too love the look of old buildings.

  3. You sound like my mother every time we go thru a town with a Courthouse she tells me how pretty it is, and they are beautiful!! Sounds like you had a nice day shoping, Have a blessed day!

  4. Sandy, I guess I did not realize yet...that we are fellow Texan's....I am way down here in Houston however.
    Your day trip to Decatur sounded like ones we like to take...just hop in the car on a sunny day.. ( we always check the weather in the area we are thinking about going to ) and USUALLY head for the Round Top area....just wonderful places to visit arouund that part of Texas..even if the Antique shows are not there at the moment.
    We love BRENHAM...cute town and nice shoppes.

    You seem to like the "details" in old architecture too. The more the detail the better I believe.

    THANKS FOR DROPPING BY MY BLOG...I so love it when you come by.


  5. Dear Daphne, Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice compliment!


  6. Dear Rose,

    Ahhh Houston, my paternal Grandmother lived in Houston! She always lived in the biggest, oldest, multi-room homes and then she was so close to Galveston - she loved surf fishing!

    I love so many cities and towns in Texas...such diversity and cultural influences not to mention the history...

    Mr. B drives on our road trips...cause I have a tendancy to STOP without warning when something grabs my heart. Love architecture especially OLD OLD OLD buildings!

    Thank you dear friend for stopping by.



  7. I love the architecture! Speaking of courthouses and town squares, have you been up to downtown McKinney? The town square up there is small, but flat out adorable. They've got an old-timey soda shop that I love!


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