Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some of My Favorite Things - Part 1

Is it true that we are defined by those things we surround ourselves with? My little home is an eclectic mix of all the things I love. As time goes by, I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite things and why I cherish them.

This is the main wall and the top of my entertainment center in my living room. I love anything dealing with time….and yet I don’t wear a watch. I have an affinity for architecture…therefore the little sconce-like thingy. I love mirrors…not to look in but to reflect the world around me. I love being a Mother…so the picture of Mother and child. The Tuscan-style print…need I say more? The wrought iron plant holder with flowers…I simply am a garden gal. Brass candle sticks…I love the glow of candlelight. My little lamp and decorative pieces…give me stone, glass or metal with textures and I’m happy. Last but not least my little angel in a crystal box with a tiny wooden engraving to the side…I have one special angel in my life and I always ask for blessings for my home and family.

Thank you for taking the time to share one small part of my world.


  1. I love collages on the wall like that too. A little of this and a little of that, makes it so interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I also love clocks..don't wear a watch. Have mirrors all over the place to reflect light and the stuff in the room. Wrought Iron?? Love it!!!
    Birds of a feather right?

    Thanks so much for your happy birthday wishes! I hope you have a wonderful and love filled day tomorrow!!

    My Desert Cottage

  3. Dear Gracie,

    Thank you so much for coming by !


  4. Dear Karen,

    How funny! Everytime I see a new Clock that catches my daughter or my husband remind me "WE DO LIVE IN A SMALL HOME!"... HA HA HA ! I always seem to find a nook or cranny that's just perfect for the newest timepiece!

    Thank you for the Valentine's Day wishes and may you also have a wonderful day!

    Peridots Garden


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