Sunday, February 14, 2010

Does This Happen to You?

Do you ever make something and during the process you fall in love with it? Well, it happens to me all the time...and here we go again!

What is one to do? My solution is to place these much-loved pieces in what can only be described as "PROTECTIVE CUSTODY"...they are packed away...never worn...and they wait...until I can emotionally release them to post in my Etsy shop.

But I have a feeling this necklace may become mine...soon...verrrrrry soon!

So what do you do?

All assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated...even if it is to commiserate about our shared dilemma.



  1. I bet that color is good on you too. And if you have outfits you can wear it with ALL the better.

    I am that way with Antiques.. When I had my antique booth a few years ago..I just did not want to part some things.
    I was often my own best customer...and that is why I had to close the booth...did not make a cent.


  2. I can see why you fell in love with it...I love the color. Love the way you displayed it too.

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. I won't discuss how many purses I currently have hanging in their very own closet in the confines of my single-wide... heehee

    BUT! I can SO see your dilemna - this is fantastically gorgeous!!!!!

    ;-) Happy Monday and thank you for coming to visit me often!!! I'm glad to "meet" you!!!


  4. Dear Rose,

    Thank you for your complimennts and your wisdom...

  5. Dear Mary,

    Thank you so much for following my blog, stopping by and the lovely compliment.

    The colors within the rhodochrosite beads and pendant cover the full gamut of the color PINK!

    Thank you!


  6. Dear Robelyn,

    Thank you for the lovely compliment and joining my followers !

    I feel so much better knowing I am not alone in this predicament!

    You're so welcome, I love visiting your blog and your Etsy shop...gorgeous purses, fun and visually you have raised the bar! Now whenever I see DUCT TAPE...I think of your blog and Etsy shop - now that's "branding"!


  7. Just keep it!! It is too beautiful to sell and what would you charge as it is priceless! A beautiful, beautiful work of art

  8. Dear Anji,

    Thank you for your kind compliment and comments!

  9. It's nice to know that I not alone, I design purses , pillow, and also sell Antiques, and you would'nt believe how much of it I keep. I think when you design, or buy things you love, it's just hard sometimes to let it go.

  10. That is gorgeous! So pretty.

  11. Dear Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade,

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting!

    I agree completely with your comments...I now know I am not alone in this journey of struggling when it's time to "turn loose" of a new treasure.

    Thank you,


  12. Welcome Sandy, I love the red necklace you made, I think I would keep it too. Very nice blog, amd fun to read. Have a great day, Smiles, Carol Mae

  13. Hi Sandy!

    Welcome! So happy to have you online!!! I am looking forward to future posts, especially about your flowers and gardening! I can hardly wait for Spring so that I can get my paws in the dirt, how about you?

    With regard to the necklace....sorry cannot be much help here. You see I have a similiar problem - except mine is old stuff. I sell at Antiques in Old Town and keep much at the house too ;) Of course there is only so much room so eventually I have to give up some of those things that I like, but that's okay because I know someone else will love it and give it a good home. Just remember sometimes it's okay to keep one of your beauties, there should be joy for yourself as well :)

    Romeo and his mom, Deborah

  14. Make one to keep and one to sell! That is what I usually do. Or if I only have enough stones to make one, I will wear it out for a test run, see what reaction I get. If there isn't too much interest then I don't feel guilty about keeping it. Or put a high price on it. If it doesn't sell, then you know it was meant for you. It is definately a beautiful necklace.

  15. Dear Gracie,

    Thank you! ... My reactions to your comments ran the gamut from "Hmmmm, test run - great idea!" to out-loud chuckles about "high pricing it" - the back to gratitude for the compliment.



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