Saturday, February 20, 2010

May I Introduce Miss M!

This is my youngest daughter, Miss M! I wanted to share some words of wisdom, she and one of her friends wrote...from the mouths of babes!

I love how they typed has a young person's whimzy...yet the words are so powerful and so true. She is wise beyond her years.


  1. Loved it as well.I have 2 daughters in their twenties.

    She is smart to be thinking that way.
    May she have the God given discernment to KNOW when he does come along.
    To many women.... including myself, make the WRONG decision earlier in life...only to pay for that way or another...the rest of our lives.

    Love, Rose

  3. Brilliant!!!

    I also enjoyed visiting your Etsy shop, Sandy! Thanks for visiting me at my little blog!


  4. What a beautiful and smart young lady! But the boy who captures her attention should be counting his lucky stars :0)
    Have a great evening, Lynea

  5. Thank you dear friends for visiting my blog and for leaving such thoughtful comments!

    Dear Becky, Rose, Zuzu and Lynea those of us who have raised children (your own or any child who passes through the door to your heart) know this journey can get very interesting at times.

    Don't you love those life moments where your child says or does something and you look at each other and smile...

    We've been blessed with so many "Smile Moments" and we are thankful.

    Thank you again for stopping by!



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