Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day


  1. Hi Sandy~
    Thank you so much for visiting is nice to meet you and see your blog. I have been blogging for 2+ years and I've met (well, not in person but through their blogs) some truly wonderful women and have learned so much about all kinds of different art mediums. Dawn, of course, is so inspiring and through her blog I've discovered many more. I loved your snow pictures...even though I am sick of dealing with it (snow) I love seeing everyone's pictures. Now I'm off to peek in your Etsy shop! Come back anytime!

  2. Oh my gosh-your jewelry is gorgeous! I love the natural stones and you have a wonderful way of combining the showpiece with beautifully coordinating smaller stones. True works of art Sandy!

  3. Hi Joy!

    Thank you for the lovely comments about my Etsy shop!

    I'm truly enjoying meeting so many wonderful women in Blog Land! Everyone is so talented and kind!

    Thank you again!



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