Friday, February 26, 2010

Treasure Shopping at Goodwill!

Have you ever had that funny feeling...something is calling your name from your local Treasure Haunts? Well, for several days I've been having that special feeling. So this morning Mr. B and I headed out to a couple of local Goodwill stores - just to satisfy that funny little feeling.

I found this grapevine with grapes and two hydrangea flowers at the first store. Everything cost me $2.00 and they still have the Hobby Lobby price tags on the stems! They're going in an existing floral arrangement in my bathroom! Okay! I'm very happy but that feeling is still gnawin' away at me. So we head to the second Goodwill store.

When I walk in the second Goodwill store, I get a cart without any forethought this is always a very good sign! So I head over to the corner where I always find wonderful items and then I see it...Could it be? I open the lid. It is...just like the OLD Royal Typewriter I sold in a yard sale about 8 years ago! Could it be the same one? I bet it's priced at $35 or $40. Upon closer inspection, I see a price tag of $3.50. It's mine! I put it in the cart and then I see Mr. B..."Honey, look what I found!" He looks at me, smiles, shakes his head and walks away. Hmmm...I love him but he simply does not understand the importance of a GREAT bargain!

Well, by this time I know I'm on a roll and then I see candlesticks and votive holders! Well, here I go looking for just the right ones...matching the votive holders (or in this case 1 votive holder and 1 monogrammed lead crystal glass) to just the right size candlestick...Mr. B walks up again..."What are you doing now, don't you have enough of those things? Remember, our home is small." To which I reply in my sweetest voice, "Oh, honey you can never have enough candle sticks with pretty votive holders! Besides all these need is a little touch of bronze paint to lift the detail and glue for the votive holders! How easy is that?"

Total spent today: around $10.00! A rousing success if I do say so myself! And don't you know Mr. B is equally as thrilled as I am...I know he is ...well he should be ...look at how much money I saved him!

We'll see where everything ends up later because for now I am savoring the thrill of victory and besides...I'm gonna have to move some stuff around to fit my new treasures into our loving little home! Mr. B and I will be discussing the placement of the typewriter because I distinctly heard him say he knew exactly where he wanted to put it. I just love it when he participates in home decorating! Don't you?

See you later, I've got to go wash bronze paint and glue off my fingernails!


  1. Oh what lovely finds! I love the typewriter.The votive holders are gorgeous.Lucky day for you, enjoy.

  2. Hi Sandy,
    Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement. I still have a lot to learn but now that I'm actually started I am finding myself more and more motivated. I love your blog, is your name peridot garden named after the August gemstone? I only ask because my birth stone is peridot. I'm going to try your sweet cornbread recipe, one of my favorites. Must be a throw-back to my southern roots.
    Thanks again for the warm welcome!

  3. Hi Sandy, Your to funny, I get the same feelings about going to the local thrift store, in fact it's getting to me right now. Love your finds, and that old typewritter of yours? what were the odds of that find? Anyway alls great!! Have a nice weekend, Hugs, Carol Mae

  4. GOOD GRAVY! That type writer is oh-my-gosh an incredible find!!! Whatcha' gonna do with it?!!? I can't wait to see!

    In the meantime, I'm gathering my candle holders so I can send them to you for some TLC. LOLOL Yours are gorgeous now!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  5. Lovely finds, Sandy! Enjoy decorating!! Have a happy weekend. Saskia xo

  6. Sandy,
    HOLY COW!!!!! Good job on trusting your insticts!!!!!! Man, oh, man. Makes me want to get out to our Goodwill. I don't think I would find a typewriter for $2, though!!! You tell Mr. B it will find a lovely place in your sweet home. I'm sure I can imagine where he wants to put it!!

  7. Thank you everyone who popped in to visit and for those who left comments you have touched my heart and my funny bone!

    Guess what?

    Upon further investigation I am beginning to believe this is my original typewriter! I found and old black/red typewriter ribbon under the's exactly like the one I attempted to use all those many years ago.

    One of God's many blessings because now after years of regret for selling it now it is home again!

    Thank you


  8. I just LOVE your typewriter Sandy!!! How wonderful that it is just like the one you sold so long ago...isn't it funny, we don't appreciate those items then but as time passes, they become so very precious to us! I just loved your post about you and your daughter and you teaching her about responsibility ~ you are amazing Sandy!!!!! I'm so very glad that you're here ~ hugs and love, Dawn


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