Wednesday, March 9, 2011

As Promised...

As promised in my post yesterday ,this is a photo of my living room curtains. Now we're a very relaxed kinda family. So these fit our lifestyle and my decorating style.

They are made from Home Depot canvas painter's drop cloths. These came in a package with two 9'x12' drop cloths for $10.00. The curtain rods, end caps, side holders and the cafe curtain hangers are all from BIG LOTS! I probably spent less than $50.00 for everything.

When I got home I just threw the drop cloths in the washer and then the dryer. I didn't iron them because I loved the bumpy texture. They were not wrinkly just nice and bumpy like an natural linen fabric.

While Mr. B mounted the curtain rods...I cut the drop cloths to fit my design idea for my double picture window and for one side window. I sewed the seams, placed the cafe curtain hangers on the curtain tops, put them on the rod and pulled them back on the side holders. THEN I just stood back and admired them. They've been up for almost 5 months and all I do is throw them in the washer/dryer and put them back up.

Here are two closeups of the the rod, endcap and cafe curtain hangers.

This is a photo of the side holder.

So here's a photo from yesterday with the lamps and below it a photo of the curtains...I love 'em!

Here's some interesting info...this fabic can be painted! Draw on it...paint your design...customize your curtains with you design whimzy and most of all with today's it for LESS!


  1. Your curtains look beautiful! If Used drop cloths they would look like drop cloths. They would not look like your beautiful curtains. LOL

  2. Hi my enjoyable those must be to be able to just gather them up and throw them in the washing machine when they get a bit "dingy"...a WHOLE lot better than most drapes.
    I use to use that fabric too for my photography studio was great material to use for kids photographs...and yes, just threw them in the washer when they got dity.
    I still have one that is a painted background...that I saved after I retired.
    That is a really great window. Lots of GOD's light coming in.

    Love you, Rose


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