Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thank You Jane for This Beautiful Gift!

My newest neato torpedo blog friend Jane created a "Follow Me" button for my blog. Such a beautiful act of kindness...but that's Jane! I love it! She told me the plant in the photo is Bells of Ireland and it reminded her of my blog!

Little does she we haven't discussed it ancestors are originally from Ireland! So kind! If you ever need a beautiful, inspirational place to land while browsing through the Land of Blog please go to her blog...The Hole in the Ceiling!

As with most bloggers, we think of our blogs as an outlet for our talents, a living journal willingly shared and unknowingly we actually more often than not provide inspiration and solice to others...we have and are living life...such is the Land of Blog and it's members!

Again Dearest Jane...THANK YOU! When I look at this beautiful photo I will immediately think of you!

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