Monday, March 7, 2011


Saturday morning Mr. B suggested a trip to Lone Star Antiques! I was thrilled! Upon entering the doors, I felt a sense of wonder because almost every vendor had something that stirred a memory of my childhood. The only time I want a lot of $$$ and a BIG home is when I visit an Antique Mall because I always see so many things I want. I saw gorgeous tiny things and gorgeous BIG things!

So my normal plan is to browse. I make a mental list of what I want but I rarely pick-up anything upon my first browsing...RISKY...YES but gosh I might find something else further down the aisle that I want MORE! In the past I've forgotten where specific things were, much to Mr. B's delight! Yesterday I narrowed my purchases to my top favorite 3 items...first they were within my budget...AND most of all...I loved them each and every one! So here's what I got....

This was labeled as an "Irish Hearth Broom". Hmmmm why do I love it? It's the metal and the natural straw. I LOVE IT!

Please excuse the paint colors of our kitchen. This is our next project, a complete redo of our kitchen sometime this Fall...hopefully!

I love these old canning jars with the wire closure! It may not be an antique but no matter to me...again the rusty metal wire and this time with glass !

It sits so prettily next to one I bought last year...with my favorite kitty nestled behind them.

Now some of you are probably scratching your heads and wondering..."WHAT WAS SHE THINKING?" This is a Toledo Torch...used by the railroad many years ago...well my sweet Mr. B works for the BEST Railroad so this little beauty "torched" my heart. Besides it's metal and you see a trend?

Here it front of a weathered wooden post holding a "rusty" metal wind chime whose letters spell "GARDEN"!

So if you're new to my now know I LOVE RUSTY METAL ANYTHING! Always have and always will!'s their business card...notice it's atop a stack of posty notes with the title "SHOPPING"!

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  1. Lone Star is one of the best in the DFW area for style and variety. There are some really cool vendors there and yes...I also find a lot and get lost a lot!
    Love the hearth broom and the size of it! Your Toledo Torch is!


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