Monday, March 14, 2011

Ooooo New Rain Boots!

Last Winter Mr. B bought these rain boots for me. It wasn't that I needed them at that time but they were on sale and he knows my proclivity for getting in the muddy gardens during a wet Spring in my barefeet. Now that's a pedicure nightmare!

Here's a side view. They had cute red ones with with polka dots! They had sexy zebra striped ones. However, my conservative frugal nature took over and I chose black.

So these little piggies....

are waiting to look like this. We have a chance for rain tonight! Perhaps I'll be out in the muddy gardens tomorrow morning wearing my new rain boots!


  1. Perfect to piddle around in puddles!

  2. Sandy, I would SO have had to get the polkadot boots......or maybe the striped ones...but sure would have boots on... to ward off the sneaky SNAKES in the garden. I understand it is Rattler time now. BE CAREFUL !!!! you ever have pretty feet. Mine have not looked that good since I was a teen.
    Love ya,


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