Sunday, March 20, 2011


Singularly this lovely tiny bloom is stunningly simple in design, vibrant in color and the scent is dazzling!

But when the view finder on the camera captures the whole of the blooms they carry a powerful message for me...Spring is on it's way!

Now this lovely Lilac bush is not mine. It belongs to a neighbor of mine but I do so covet this plant. Fortunately for me it grows on a fence between our yards so I can enjoy it's simple beauty every year!

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  1. have the best of both worlds can enjoy it..and not have to take care of it !
    Some of my fondest memories of when I was little... playing out in our great-grandmother had planted several lilac bushes..and one ran over the top of an when we went out to the garage for had to walk under the arbor...and that HEAVENLY fragrance is in my memory bank to this day.

    We can't grown them this far down in I will just enjoy yours. OK?

    With love to you my friend,



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