Wednesday, March 2, 2011

knock knock...

I received an lovely email this morning from a dear blogging friend, she asked if my blog had been I OK...yep...

Have you ever missed a day at church, or working out at the gym or visiting a friend? It starts with one absence...then the third time at least for me...guilt sets in. Guilt fueled by embarrassment.

Oh, I visited other blogs during my absence...did I write a comment? Nope. Why? Again, shame for my absence.

Now, I should clarify, I've been busy...I've written several blog posts but did not post them for any reason other than they just weren't up to par. I hope to revise and post them soon.

I have noticed several of my favorite bloggers writing about feeling overwhelmed, needing a break and when I saw those posts I felt justified...well at least I realized I was not alone.

So scoot over in the pew. May I use that gym machine when you're finished? And yes this is me...knocking at the front door...I'm here...hopefully to bring something positive to our beautiful Land of Blog!

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