Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Daffodils - They Are A Blooming!

I awoke this morning to the sound rain drops. OK, I thought to myself, rain is a part of Spring. Then I opened my front door to this! I'll take the rain (as if I have a choice) when the end result is this!


  1. Oh lovely, lucky you.The snow is still covering my grass and flowers of last year.We have had lovely days these last few.Sunny and bright,but still a bit cold.Im waiting for Spring and I think it will be real soon.

    Have a lovely sunday!~~Becky

  2. Still waiting for the daffodils to flower here, but at least the sun has been shining all day so a very productive time out in the garden all day

  3. Sandy,
    Great picture of your daffodils! That always makes me happy that spring is right around the corner!
    smiles, alice

  4. What a beautiful daff! I would be happy to have some rain here.. to wash away the snow. Thanks for the kind comment on my sunday scripture post.
    Blessings always!

  5. You have flowers coming up is's been so cold ?
    Well...we do have our "winter pansies"..and they love the cooler weather.
    SPRING is on it's way for sure...saw some more robins again today.


  6. That image is just gorgeous! Pretty enough to frame. :-)

    Hurry up, Spring!

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. How fun and SUNNY on a rainy cloudy day!!! I'm going to look and see if I have anything blooming!!!

    ;-) robelyn


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