Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Silver Spoons and Sparkling Stones

This is the latest addition to my Etsy shop, I hope you like it!

This silver plated spoon bracelet is the "Delaware Grape" Pattern discontinued in 1913, it measures 7" - 7 1/4" and is further enhanced with a trio of polished stones; Red Agate, a cloudy white agate and a purple stone, could it be amethyst?


  1. Lovely, lovely artworks!! I truly love those beautiful polished stones. Nature brings us so so much happiness, loveliness, cuteness. Love your work! Have a creative, sunny tuesday! xo

  2. your artwork is amazing beyond words and those stones are so beautiful. No doubt you're very talented my friend.

  3. Sandy they're just beautiful!!!!!!!!

    :) T

  4. A spoon bracelet! Amazing!
    I went to your Etsy, and I'm loving that dragonfly, swoon! :-)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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