Friday, March 5, 2010

The Spectacles with the Cracked Lenses

Within every story there is a lead character and in today's story that honor belongs to a pair of old, cracked, wire rimmed spectacles.

Remember a couple of weeks ago Mr. B and I made a trip to Decatur, Texas? One of the neat shops we visited was "Nooks 'N Crannies Antiques-On the Square" owned by Barbara and Jerry Bethurum. They are a lovely couple, very friendly and exceptionally knowledgeable about all the treasures within the walls of their shop.

When we walked in, the first thing to catch my eye was a basket, full of wire rimmed spectacles on the counter near the cash register. I saw the perfect pair at the top of the basket, so why bother looking any further? Barbara held them while I continued shopping.

I browsed through glass display cases of jewelry and mementos to the side of the cash register. Next, I was off to see all the antiques; toys, pottery, clothing, carved wooden pieces, tools, kitchen ware, cut glass, crystal, china, framed photos and art. There were books of every possible size, topic and age. The shop was full of treasures, more than I could possibly fully investigate in an hour but it was fun trying. Everything was organized, artfully displayed and cozy. I just wanted to linger and not miss one item but Mr. B was itching to go eat lunch, so I made my way up to the cash register to pay for my purchase.

Barbara asked me if I was aware of the cost of the spectacles I had chosen, "Yes, the basket said $4.99." She looked so sad when she had to inform me, the basket was $4.99 however the spectacles I had chosen were a bit more. Unfortunately, their price was beyond my budget that day. "Oh", I replied as I touched the spectacles and returned them to the basket.

I looked at Barbara and asked if all the spectacles in the basket were the same price. "Why, no there are some broken ones that people buy for parts to use in their artwork."

Alright! This time I made my way to the bottom of the basket and found the spectacles you see in the first photo. Barbara said they were $2.00! "I'll take them!"

Now as you can imagine, Mr. B was watching this event unfold, probably ready to come to my financial rescue when he asked me if I was sure I wanted these broken spectacles.

"Yes, they are perfect. I see them as a part of someone's life a long time ago. They have an unknown history and that intrigues me. Besides, when I look through the lenses it's just like looking through a prism... the light is refracted into a spectrum of intense colors, with soft shapes and everything becomes part of an ever-changing display of abstract beauty!" I was happy!

When we arrived home, I went to work, finding just the right place for my spectacles. I tried here and there, no...not quite right and then I walked back into my living room...ahhh the perfect home for my spectacles! I placed them on a table topped with books and nestled them among some of my other well-loved treasures. These treasures also have a history, some of it known and some of it not.
Several times a day, I glance at the "Spectacles with the Cracked Lenses"... I remember how they came to be a part of our home and I smile...because they now have a known history, with me at least.

The spectacles also provided a life lesson for me; "If a first choice comes from the top of the basket, the greatest of treasures might be overlooked as they lay undiscovered at the bottom of the pile!"


  1. I love that you are are displaying your new treasure on a stack of books. I'm a reader and your pictures make me smile because I know that when a book is calling to you a little thing like broken glasses is not going to stand in your way. Makes you wonder too, "how did those glasses get to be so shattered?" At my house the likely suspect would be our puppy!

  2. Dear Susan,

    Thank you for visiting and your lovely comment!

    I completely understand the puppy/ my home...more than likely I would be the culprit...seems I was born without an appendix, tonsils, wisdom teeth or a good sense of balance but boy I got extra helpings of clumsiness! HA HA

    Thank you!



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