Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poetry, Texas - Primitiques 'n Poetry!

Hooray! Today we took a "family" trip to visit Poetry, Texas. I read about Poetry on Mindy's blog Primitiques 'n Poetry! If you live near Terrell, Texas then you're just a hop-skip-and a jump away from Poetry and it's well worth the trip! The drive was fun and Mindy has the perfect map on her blog!

Of course, I had left the directions at home so we were using Miss M's iPhone to find our way - never will I complain about the cost of that little beauty again...well at least not when traveling!

Now if you're wondering...WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS from Poetry???? Well, suffice it to say...I was so excited about seeing Poetry and then Terrell that I only made one photo, it's the FIRST NATIONAL BUILDING in Terrell. SORRY but I was on a shopping mission! The towns-people were super friendly, the shops were fun and even Miss M got a deal camo-blinged out purse at Rosewood in Terrell!

Back to the story....we stopped at the Poetry gas station/general store/gathering place (nice people again!) for some drinks and snacks. We asked about Mindy's shop Primitiques. They told us it was located next door, inside Jack's Town and County Store!

We walked into the feed store, introduced ourselves to Jack, he is too cool - love his dry sense of humor! Jack said Mindy was away at an antique show. Oh yes, I forgot...duh...but hey no problem, may we look around and buy?

Jack said sure but a lot of her "stuff" which I knew was MANTALK for COOL TREASURES went with her but there was still some "stuff" there.

So I crossed the threshold and there it was Primitiques...

Boy 'o Boy I was in heaven! Mindy has neat wooden spindles, mirrors, lighting parts, wooden cabinets, kitchen implements, a baby carriage (to die for) so many gorgeous treasures!

Then I turned around to make another sweep of her cute shop AND THERE IT WAS! I found exactly what I needed and had been looking for, honestly I had no idea what it was but I loved it! Besides Mr. B needed to be sure that I was understand that he and I have a different "vision" of art!

So I paid for my treasures, left a little present for Mindy (I hope you like it - it's a bookmark) with Jack and thanked Jack!

Thanks Mindy...I'll think of you as I admire my ...let me see what is it again? Oh yes! It's an electric heater...but to me it an antique conversation piece to put in an esteemed place in my garden and on hot lazy summer will hold a muted light...and I will gaze at it and and remember how much I fun I had at Primitiques located in Poetry, Texas!


  1. Looks like real fun! Your pictures are always so bright... talented sweet Sandy. Hope you're having a great week! xo

  2. Oh, Sandy! Thank you so much for coming to visit and for your sweet words! I'm glad the heater spoke to you. I hate that I missed you! Indeed, I really really hope you can come back out after we get back from the show. That store will be filled up again, real quick with more treasures for your home and garden! ~Mindy

  3. The heater is a wonderful piece and I LOVE the idea you have for using it! Congrats on the great find!

  4. Oh, Sandy, Your treasure is just the best!! Mr. B will love it on those sweet summer nights!!! Just make sure he holds your hand!
    love, Lynn

  5. Oh - okay - you and I have to meet. LOL Now you know where my favorite place in the whole wide world is to shop... we will have to meet there!!! And Mindy is soooooooooo fun - you have to meet her too!!! Did you see the cat, "Tail" that I keep wanting to take off with? LOL

    I love your new stove!!! How fun is that going to be this summer!!!

    Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL day!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  6. Isn't it funny what tickles our hearts ? We never know what we are going to find on our "hunts" do we ?
    Am liking your find...but a bit too primitive for me I am thinking..but SO happy you are happy with it.
    Poetry, Tx....I think Texas has the funniest names for their towns than anywhere in the USA..don't you ?

    BTW...have you heard about this Antique Show...?? ALSO in your neck of the woods.

    With love,


  7. Thank you everyone for visiting and leaving such wonderfully kind comments!

    You want another funny story? While walking around downtown Terrell, Mr. B says, "Hey there's a CHICK shop!" I look up and the word was CHIC....What can I say? Just gotta love my redneck cowboy!


  8. Yeah....what do THEY know ??

    Lovin it.



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