Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ahhh, The First Rose of 2010!

I've been waiting on this little Rose to bloom for what seems like weeks but then we would get an overnight freeze or one of this year's freaky snowfalls and the bud quite naturally refused to open.

Yesterday, I thought it would surely open but it wasn't ready. Then this morning when I had started to open to the world and I am thrilled!

I'm so proud of this little beauty! It has a few scars from freezing weather but it persevered and demonstrates once again...tenacity has it's upside!


  1. How special to be the first rose and so so beautiful. We have to wait a little longer ;o(
    You made a pretty picture of the lovely rose, Sandy.
    Have a happy Wednesday, xo

  2. Lovely rose... I keep going out and walking around our home, looking for a bloom , but to no avail. not yet.... but I know they will come eventually , until then I get to enjoy all the lovely blooms on blogger. Thanks for sharing your rose.

  3. what a sweet, sweet bloom. so worth the wait.

    i am looking forward to my blooms but will have
    to wait a few more weeks.

  4. What a beautiful rose. I'm still waiting on mine to bloom, hopefully they will before to long! Blessings~~ Daphne

  5. It is GORGEOUS!!! I'm sitting here wishing now for a scratch 'n sniff monitor... why has that not been invented yet? LOL

    SO pretty!!!

    ;-) robelyn

  6. Oh look how darling that little girl is....and very welcome I'm sure. Thanks for posting it for us.
    The neighbors across the street have some blooming too...but RED is hard to photograph it seems.
    So I will wait for my pink ones to bloom, they are taking their sweet ole time about it tho. Not even budding yet.



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