Friday, March 12, 2010

My Kitchen at 4:30 am...Who Needs Sleep?

This is a 4:30 am view of my kitchen counter. It's probably not the best lighting for a photo but it's my view and I love it. Yes, I have an eclectic style...give me metal, stone, glass or light and I'm happy. Color is something I love to play with. Then there's our kitchen kitty...she is most agreeable and notice she's sitting right in front of the Bird House tray? Guess she's waiting on someone to flit by and then her interest will be peaked!

Our sweet home defines little...more appropriately teeny tiny...and we love it! Out of respect for that design challenge, we have clearly defined vertical decorating! This wall is home to more treasures and each one has a story. For now I'll just share the story of the "scale" in the upper right hand corner of the photo. I bought this scale more than 20 years ago at a First Monday Flea Market in Weatherford, Texas! The original owner said it was used to weigh cotton picked from the fields. Well, 'nuff said! So now, in its glory years the most it does is hang around, look neat and sometimes it hold a blown glass hanging vase for rooting plants.

Hope you enjoyed a peek into my life at 4:30 I'm going to browse around the Land of Blog and see what my friends have been up to. See ya later!

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  1. How sweet.I love the birdcage!

  2. Love it all!

    What are you doing up at 4:30? I've had a week like that too - but I feel like my brain wakes up before my body is ready. Maybe daylight savings time won't be so bad this time? We'll see.

  3. 4:30am is my favorite time of the day... peace, quiet and creativity flowin' - then I get to watch the day wake up!!! I love it! AND your kitchen!!! I have a sign in mine that says, "the only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house". LOLOLOL

    I'll bring the coffee and donuts!!!
    ;-) robelyn

  4. OH Sandy....WHY are you up this time of night ?
    This is "my time" of the night..I call it my "night watch"
    Am up roaming the blogs, news and Yahoo emails...every night about this welcome to the "club".

    Yes, isn't it lovely the way the scene looks in our kitchen this time of night..? ( no matter how the light looks in a's prettier in person isn't it ? Your sweet litte collection is darling. The cat looks very alert. Better put a bell on him, so the birds have a fair warning. (snicker)
    However, don't like to turn on that light above my stove...unless I HAVE TOO.. as it shines into our bedroom, don't want to wake my husband up too.

    Get back to bed and get some sleep !

    "VERTICAL Decorating"...that is a new on on it.
    We have that here in our den...things go all the way up to the ceiling. ( I assume that is what vertical decorating means . )
    And we have high shelves in the dining room,kitchen, master bathroom and the "Great Room" too.
    Am thinking about adding a shelf above the den door too. ( Never enough shelves it seems.)


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