Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Shelby Girl!

May I introduce Shelby, our 8 year old white Lab. She walks more than she runs, she snoozes more often than not and yet after she's warmed up her faithful bones she comes running towards me with the same love as her puppy days.

She is always beside me, no matter the weather or what I’m doing. She’s not a gardener but she’s my right hand. She not a photographer but she follows me on my quest for just the right light. She’s not a cook but she'd love to be the taste tester. She’s not interested in cleaning but she definitely makes way for my vacuum. She is a Labrador Retriever who hates water.

Shelby is my loyal friend, she is my protector, she greets me after 15 minutes of not being with me with the same enthusiasm as a 3 day separation. She sleeps at my side of the bed and when it’s time to wake up she lays her head near my face and exhales deeply and slowly until I open my eyes, then I hear her wagging tail thump upon the floor. She is mine and I am her’s. She knows when I’m sick, sad or in need of a hug and when I’m happy she is there to share in the glory.

She’s a big girl, all 100 pounds of her. When she gallops towards me with a full head of steam, I prepare to be knocked down but she always slows down and gently puts her head to my leg so I can pet her. I love her - totally, completely and with gratitude.

When the grandbabies visit, she wakes several times during the night to walk around to each bed and check on them when she is satisfied that they are safe then she settles down to sleep til the next check. The grandbabies crawl all over her, lovin' her and she never blinks an eye...I think she loves all their attention.

Yesterday I visited Charlene's blog My Heart's Ease and was deeply moved by her post. Charlene has a video from years ago of The Johnny Carson Tonight Show and his guest, Jimmy Stewart reading a poem about his beloved dog... go here scroll down to the Jimmy Stewart video…his poem will touch your heart!

Now I've gotta run...cause it's time to play with Shelby!


  1. How we love our 4 legged children!

  2. This beauty is so so sweet! Off to look at that video. Have a wonderful weekend sweet Sandy. Hope the sun will shine in your part of the world. xoxo

  3. Sandy,
    I immediately fell in love with Miss Shelby!! What a true and faithful companion you have. We had a dog that was similar to Shelby, a Golden Retriever. Now I have two rascals....what can I say??

  4. Oh Sandy....Reading this post moved me to tears.... As Lynn said "I immediately fell in love with Miss Shelby." I love dogs! We have two cats now and we absolutely love them....they are so different to dogs though. When we move to a bigger place we would love to get a Lab.

    They say..."Dogs have owners and cats have staff!"...So true.....!

  5. Oh shes adorable.She sounds like my Border Collie Murphy.Hes always by my side,he watches over me to much LOL.Hes 13 and hes gotten very protective over the last 8 years since my husband died.Hes the best though,brought us so many years of smiles and a few tears lol.

    I couldnt live without a dog.I have a westie who is 7.They are so special arent they?Give Shelby a hug for me.

  6. Shelby is so beautiful!!! This is such a touching post, it brought tears to my eyes. I love what you said, she is mine & I am hers, how sweet! I am a huge animal lover. I think they are such precious gifts from God. Blessings... Daphne

  7. Oh, what a sweet, sweet big baby Shelby is - such a treasure...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  8. Very sweet post about a wonderful friend....

    Thanks for sharing it


  9. I'm no gardener, but I say, if they're pretty leave them be!

    Jimmy Stewart is my all time favorite actor!
    Thanks for the link!

  10. Shelby is beautiful. My dog is almost 8.. I think this year. She has some lab in her, she doesn't like water either. We are so blessed to have our pets, aren't we?
    Blessings to you and Shelby!


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