Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Last Day of Winter...The First Day of Spring 2010 !

This was the sky from my backyard on was was was feeling like Spring...and it was the last day of Winter!

Notice I don't have a photo of Saturday's was the first day of Spring and it rained, the temperature dropped to the 30's with the wind chill feeling like the 20's! Then if you can believe it we got SNOW flurries!

So this photo is EARLY Sunday morning the second day of Spring 2010, yes that's snow!

Did I cover my Hydrangeas? Nope...but I sure moved my Mindy/heater/antique art piece into the garage to protect it...I am a woman with her priorities in line...well sort of...

Not to worry by Tuesday the temperatures will be in the 70's again and then I'll apologize to the Hydrangeas!


  1. It's so cold... I feel like such a wuss... but it's so cold. LOLOL I have my fingers crossed for your hydrangeas! Now I'm going back under cover... it's so cold...

    ;-) robelyn

  2. Snow snow snow, fortunately we won't be seeing it anymore for a longggg time. Nice temperature but unfortunately no sun, over here....

    Have a lovely day, enjoy the season! xo

  3. This weater is crazy, one day 70 degress, and the next day it's snowing! Hopefully Spring weather will be here soon. Blessings... Daphne

  4. Thank goodness it's warming up this week!
    I was afraid I was gonna be stuck out in a cow pasture with icicles hanging off my nose....or other body parts, yikes! ;-)


  5. Thanks what I love, a gal with priorities. Yeah they always say, 'If ya don't like the weather, stick around it'll change.'
    Thanks for taking time to visit on this windy Sunday. Blessings ;-)


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