Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eggs-White, Brown, Pink and Green!

Yesterday I received the most wonderful surprise! A very dear friend gifted me with a bowl full of fresh eggs from her hens! The eggs are chemical free! The hens are free range and carefully tended by their loving owner, my friend!

There are brown eggs, white eggs, pink eggs and if you look closely you can see light green eggs! My understanding is the egg shell color is dependent upon the breed of the hen laying them. Some are double yolked and I've been told that some are cholesterol free! No matter to me...once you've tasted "FRESH" chemical free eggs you'll never go back to store bought! Never!

So tomorrow if I get to the grocery store early enough...I'll be making 2 Quiche Lorraine pies! One to eat and one to freeze for later! Yummy! I'll post the recipe and some photos, hopefully tomorrow!

I so blessed to have my dear friend in my life and because she brought me some of her hen's lovely eggs!


  1. I have never seen green eggs before...well, besides being dyed. Enjoy your quiche!

  2. What time is dinner? LOL

    I LOVE fresh eggs!!!! Yum.... now my belly's growling!!!

    ;-) enjoy!!!

  3. Such sweet and thoughtful present! Enjoy!!

  4. Sandy....I have NEVER seen anything other than white or brown eggs...I am absolutely fascinated with this image of them.

    OH SO LOVE QUICHE....I am on my way over. Set an extra place at the table.

    Always enjoy your visits and blog.
    We are kindred spirits I beleive.

    Hugs, Rose

  5. Thank you to everyone who visited and left such wonderful comments!

    I love this special "Land of Blog", each of you touch my heart, make me laugh and add so much to my life through your kind words and of course your blogs!

    It's funny the first time I saw the green eggs I was not sure what to expect when I cracked them open...but they're just like any other eggs! Funny!

    The quiche recipe is up for tomorrow...it was so delicious and only lasted through our dinner and then Miss M's supper....so I baked a second one this evening...I truly wish all of you lived near...it would be so lovely to laze around, chat and eat quiche!

    XO's to all!


  6. Those colored eggs are neat!

    Some of my best memories are visiting my grandma's farm and picking fresh, warm eggs for breakfast! They were white eggs, but sometimes they would have extra [ahem] embellishments of the "stinky" variety :) Luckily it washes right off!

    Enjoy your quiche


  7. I am truely blessed to know you and love you to death.... And so glad you enjoyed the eggs (looks like they came in handy) Anytime you need some just call ;-) (im so not a baker but im gonna try the recipe let you know how it turns out!!!

  8. Awe they look so pretty! All and I do mean all of my hens have taken the winter off. I'm trying to be nice about it and not threaten them with the crockpot .lol
    Love all the posts this week,


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