Thursday, March 25, 2010

The White Irises are Blooming!

The first of many to come! My white irises are the first to bloom, then the yellows, lavenders, the purples and last a coffee colored happy but must keep this post short...we're in the middle of a THUNDERSTORM!


  1. OH how lovely .....I am not sure I have ever seen totally white ones.
    We have DEEP purple and they are coming out now...but I think they got a bit of any early start..they don't look as lush as your iris's do.
    I just can't wait for your ROSES... PLEASE post and post and post them ...when they come out too.
    How many colors and variety's do you have ?
    BTW...WHERE do you get your roeses from mostly ?

    With love,

  2. Oh pretty.Well mine are a bit slower.I have real dark purple ones they are just now peeking through the dirt.I cant wait!

    Happy Thursday and thanks always for the sweet comments left on my page!~~Becky

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment about my blog. Love these flowers! The color reminds me of the tall Easter lilies. Still no blooms in my Mi. yard, but you bet I will post them as soon as I find one.

  4. Oh how I love all the spring flowers! My iris are not ready to bloom at all. Last year I bought some amazing ones from my friend Jane. Have you seen her site? She has ACRES of iris. She sells them after she thins them (after the blooming season of course). If you haven't been to her site go to my sidebar & click on Once In A Blue Moon. Please tell her I sent you to visit. This time of year she doesn't comment on anyones blog because she puts in about 12 to 14 hours a day in the gardens. But, trust me the visits are WORTH IT! AMAZING photography. Have a wonderful day & stay warm. I can't believe this weather. YUCK! Charlene

  5. Found you through Charlene above who encouraged me to get going with Pink Saturday's and now I have 71 followers and lots of great new friends. I love your white iris. I've been in Alaska for 9 years and was in CA all my life prior. I had so many iris there which were lovely. Come visit me.

  6. Sandy,
    Your iris are stunning!! Mine did absolutely NOTHING last year. What do you suppose went wrong? I'm hoping that something will bloom this year....


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