Monday, March 15, 2010

Newest Etsy Listing: Ode to Those Cowboy Charms!

This is the newest listing in my Etsy shop, you can go here to get more detailed information!

This western charm necklace is made with dyed magnesite nuggets and western charms that define a cowboy’s loves…his woman and his horse!

I hope y'all like it...I love it so much I made a RED TURQUOISE one for myself!


  1. Sandy...I have never heard of red or white TURQUOISE .
    Your necklaces are lovely, just beautiful.

    Been really a busy body again over the week end, but hope to get caught up today, as we will be home all day.

    Hugs to you my friend.


  2. Oh, fellow Texan, we both have a love for turquoise and copper! This is classic Texan wear, but then, I think turquoise goes with everything!

  3. I just looked up where Haltom City is located. I used to live in Arlington(briefly) and hadn't heard of it. Maybe someday we'll meet up at a show in the DFW area. Have a great day:)

  4. How I adore this color! Your necklaces are always beautiful artworks!
    Have a wonderful, creative week! xo

  5. Hi Sandy, Thank you for dropping by my place today, so glad you did. Oh my, you are the talented one, such beautiful pieces. I love them! Hugs, Gerry

  6. Sandy, I just had to come over after reading your sweet comment. I'm so glad I did...girl, you are major talented. Only one thing wrong...the order of his loves...first the horse, THEN the woman. I ought to know...I married a cowboy!

  7. I love it!! Way too cute! I absolutely love the turquoise!


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