Thursday, April 1, 2010

Michael's Arbor Care & Everything Else - Burleson, Texas!

Yesterday, we went on another no-destination drive...but as you can imagine, I had a destination in mind...Burleson, Texas!

We went to the Goodwill store there and found LOTS of neat things...they'll be shown another time.

Then we drove around Burleson checking out the local shops and there are LOTS of neat shops! If you get a chance, stop and eat at BABE'S RESTAURANT...yummy homemade food in a fun environment with a come as you are dress code!


While driving through Burleson we saw a darlin' plant shop! It's a little house, painted JOHN DEERE green and yellow, with lots of gorgeous plants everywhere! We were greeted by the shop owners, Michael and Shelly! While we were there they shared with us that it was their 1st day of business for their new shop!

Naturally, I browsed for a while and with Shelly's help I selected 2 hanging baskets full of blooming fuchsia plants! The two photos at the top of this post show the beautifully unique blooms.

Did I have my camera with me? Nope. Did I think to use my phone camera? Nope. So trust me on this one...if y'all are in the simply must stop by, see the beautiful plants they have to offer, great prices and meet this super nice couple!

Here's the shop info:

Michael's Arbor Care & Everything Else
217 West Renfro
Burleson, Tx 76028

This is Michael's business card. He's also an Arborist! So Shelly can help you add color to your gardens and Michael can help you take care of your trees!

I'll be going back if you see a woman drooling over everything they have to offer...that'll be me!


  1. I'd love to travel to this great shop. Too bad it's just a few miles too far away...
    Wishing you a happy happy Easter weekend with your beloved ones, sweet Sandy. xoxo

  2. Oh - I missed you!!! Each time I saw a beautiful plant or flower this past week I thought of you!!! And - newest blooms are GORGEOUS!!!

    ;-) I like your no-destination road trips - you always introduce me to somethin' new and fun!!!

    Have a wonderful day!
    ;-) robelyn

  3. Burleson, Texas!
    I will have to look that up...probably more than a "day trip" for us tho.
    Love Goodwill Stores, just LOVE EM... we have a couple of others like it down here in Houston....can't remember their names right now. Such fun hunting there too.
    Fuchsia plants ...are deligtful..they are so delicate tho it seems.
    Glad you had a good time.


  4. thank you so much sandy, please come see us again we now have a facebook page :) i put pics of the nursery on it, michaels arbor care nursery


  5. This is a great article! My mother has a large yard with many trees and plants and is in need of an arborist in Calgary. Can you suggest any for her?

  6. I am working on arbor care calgary un a yard. Thanks for posting this.


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