Monday, April 26, 2010


This is a lovely plant named Gaura! Perhaps you've seen it in your local nursery. They require full sun and benign care. Their root system is compact but goes deep into the soil, thus allowing limited watering. Mine have always done well with other flowering plants and do not overtake the flower bed...they like their own little space.

I've had pink Gaura and white Gaura, notice there are no photos of pink Gaura. Does that tell you what happened? My Gaura are an annual favorite of aphids as well, the aphids feast on the flowering stems. I've tried a gentle washing with a weak dish soap and water solution...not very effective except for burning the leaves of the Gaura and other plants as well. It's funny the aphids do not touch any other plants in my garden. So after much trial and error, I now allow the Ladybugs to do their job and all is well.

When the flowering heads are blown by the wind they resemble butterflies fluttering in the garden. Mine bloom from early Spring through early Fall. If the flowering stems play out, just trim them back and soon they will blossom and bloom again for you.

These plants do well in my zone 7 but I've had absolutely no luck transplanting them. I've read that they are self seeders...hmmm? Mine evidently don't like that idea. However, one Fall Mr. B accidentally took his weed eater to them and to my surprise the following Spring I had baby plants everywhere the chopped stems fell. Go figure.


  1. What a beautiful plant, Sandy--I've not heard of Gaura before--thanks for the garden lesson! Hope you're having a beautiful day in your garden!

  2. Sandy.
    I have not ever seen this either, but it is a beautiful plant. And the care sounds about right for me. I just about killed off my new cucumber starts all ready....

  3. 20 acres... I have 20 acres with nothing but wild flowers and dogs and deer and a fox every now and then...

    at your disposal. LOL
    SO beautiful!!!

    ;-) robelyn


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